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Payroll giving is one of the most tax effective means to support the Thai Children's Trust with a regular gift.

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‘Payroll Giving’ or ‘Give as you earn’ is the only way a UK citizen can give from gross pay before deduction of tax, so it is the cheapest way to give.  The higher your tax bracket, the cheaper it gets. So if for example you wished to give us, say £5 each month, that amount will be taken from your gross pay each month before tax so it would cost a standard rate taxpayer only £4.00, a higher rate taxpayer (40%) £3.00 and a top-rate taxpayer (45%) even less - £2.75!  You can use payroll giving to help sponsor a child, to support a regular gift to a project, or to achieve something really special through ‘Together we can’.

‘Together we can’ is a scheme to use payroll giving to its best advantage.  It enables individuals or groups to fund specific work for children in Thailand.  For example, an individual might help sponsor a child or sponsor formula milk for a newborn.  A small group from your workplace might support the wages of a nurse or a physiotherapist, and a larger group – perhaps with a matching donation from the company – might cover the whole cost of a marvellous special needs school called Starflower based on the Thai Burma border. You will know exactly what difference your gift makes; each year you or your group will receive a report on exactly how your donation is helping. Of course the opportunity is always open to visit and see for yourself. Find out more about 'Together We Can!' and projects needing your support here.

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If you would like to encourage other people in your company to give through their payroll why not become a staff representative?

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